Look after yourself and do the things you love

For example, doing dishes, sweeping the floor, making the bed, folding laundry, cooking breakfast, doing an early morning workout, etc.

Your ability to do what the other person would be able to do, but that you have trouble doing. Not able to express your feelings the way the other person is able to; (in the following situations, this would be: not comfortable talking about the problems with someone who is close to you, not comfortable expressing feelings about the relationship, not comfortable expressing feelings to your mother about your relationship with a man.) Your ability to understand what you're being told that you're not able to do.

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Your ability to understand what the other person needs and wants and why. Your ability to take care of yourself and have the other person take care of you. Your ability to put yourself and the other person first. Your ability to keep the other person safe and secure and not to cause harm to you. Your ability to be non-judgemental and non-critical. Your ability to be respectful and caring of those around you. Your ability to be faithful and responsible for your actions.

fitness goals

Your ability to set and follow through with the responsibilities you have to the other person. You're able to be open and honest in a conversation about personal issues. You're able to be open and honest in a business conversation about personal issues. You're able to take responsibility for your actions, as you see them. You're able to listen to and respect what's being said about you. You're able to accept help when you're in need. You are able to do all the things that you are good at doing with the other person's full support. You are able to take a stand on something. You are able to forgive and accept the faults in others. You are able to accept good and bad in other's fitness goals.